CTE Trailers Dual School: The Second Year of Dual Education, Plenty of Opportunities

Dec 22, 2022Dual Vocational School

Recently, the two weeks of practice at CTE Trailers ended, weeks spent with the ninth graders from Pamfil Șeicaru High School in Ciorogârla. For them, this project represents the first contact with the CTE Trailers Dual Vocational School Program, but also the first contact with an organization that can offer them a job in the future. During the two weeks of practice, the young students not only had the opportunity to practice theoretical knowledge with their mentors, but also received information about the meaning and importance of work planning, work schedule, health and safety regulations at work, respect and care for colleagues, customers, equipment, goods, resources.

The CTE Trailers Dual Vocational School program was created to help pupils who want to learn a trade build a foundation of specific knowledge, experiences and values. The aim of the program is not only to provide young people with a stable job after completing their studies, but also to prepare them for their life after graduation. In this regard, we discussed with the pupils about the two weeks of internship, about what they liked and their plans for the future.

About their motivation to choose this internship program, one of the pupils confessed to us that he made this choice in order “to fulfill his dream of becoming a very good mechanic and to open his own garage.” During the training program, pupils have the opportunity to work alongside experienced mechanics, to learn all the tricks of the craft and work in a space where equality of opportunities is ensured.

Asked about their first day at CTE Trailers, Adrian and his colleagues told us that they found it “a bit weird” as they were not yet adjusted to the place and the people, but after a week they had adapted and worked very easily.

“The people at CTE greeted me with open arms, encouraged me to learn a beautiful and profitable profession!”

The pupils told us they enjoyed the opportunity of these two weeks of internship, as they have made the most out of the knowledge provided by the CTE Trailers mentors who have been at their side every step of the way and also that they want the program to be extended in the future. Students would like this program to run for a longer period, to allow them to become even more involved in the actual repair of vehicles.

Dual Vocational School at CTE Trailers is a project dear to our hearts. It began in the 2021-2022 school year with the objective to fill in the gaps, to complete the education of young Romanians, so that they have a real chance to develop beautifully. This discussion with students in practice proves to us once again that we are on the right track and motivates us to persevere.

Discover in the video material the motivations and experiences of the students participating in the practice program carried out within CTE Trailers:

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