The registration process


The registration process

3-7th of July 2023

Between July 3 and 7, 2023, the secretariats of the gymnasium schools complete, at the request of the parents / legal representatives and the students, the unique enrollment forms in vocational and dual state education with the basic information about the 8th grade graduates. When completing the single registration form, it is important to mention the code of the driving school class of the vocational school in dual system at the Technological High School Pamfil Seicaru Ciorograla – 527 D.

This will be completed:

The personal data of the student;
General means of graduation;
Grades and averages obtained in the national assessment.

A completed annex with the result of the modern or mother tongue test can be added to this entry form.

With the help of the teacher, young students must complete in box IV of the first or second option, code 527 – DUAL car mechanic and letter D to apply to the project Vocational school in dual system with CTE Trailers – Technological High School Pamfil Șeicaru Ciorogârla.

7th of July 2023

Then, on July 7, the list of candidates will be displayed on the notice board of Pamfil Șeicaru High School, followed by a pre-selection test, held between July 10 and 11, consisting of a written general knowledge test and an interview with CTE representatives. Trailers.

10-11th of july 2023

At the end of each day (July 10 and 11), the results of the pre-selection tests will be displayed. On the same days, for the candidates rejected in the pre-selection, their enrollment will be organized in the educational units that enroll in state vocational education, including dual, in which no pre-selection tests were organized based on the enrollment form.

25-27th of July 2023

Also, if the available places have not been filled, a second stage will be organized, between 25 and 27 July for the candidates who did not participate in the first stage, who were not assigned and who were admitted but did not submit their files. .