Vices and addiction

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Our development as individuals began somewhere in our early years, when we were introduced to the first social rules, when we were taught what was right and what was wrong. A child’s personal development starts early and continues not only throughout childhood and adolescence, but also once they become adults. The process of personal development for children is a complex process, which requires the attention and participation of parents, other adults around the child and of the education systems. Personal development leads to the formation of behavior, values, world views and skills. These qualities will be used in seeking, gaining and maintaining good relationships, employment and participation in society.

At CTE Trailers we have always been driven by the desire to surpass ourselves. We want to be joined by people with the same set of values, similar goals and the same desire to continue to learn and become better. That’s why, and because we don’t think we’ll ever stop learning, we set up the CTE Trailers Dual System Vocational School project, which harmoniously combines practice with theory. The programme lasts three years, during which young people will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in vehicle mechanics. As our programme aims to employ new mechanics and technicians, students also have the option to take the free driving course for category B vehicles. They will therefore graduate with a balanced package of knowledge, skills and values. Students are also provided with accommodation, meals, transportation (for those from neighboring communities) and protective equipment throughout the project.

In order to get even more involved in these very important years for student development, we have extended our programme of activities within the CTE Trailers Dual System School project by introducing a series of personal development courses, held at our premises from May to June 2022. The courses have been designed and are supported by human education specialists and all activities in the courses are approached in an interactive way to increase the effectiveness of the learning process. The courses are moderated by Ms Cristina Gheorghe, Managing Partner at Human Resources Quality Services, promoter of dual learning projects since 2015, with rich experience in both the educational and business fields.

On June 6th, the module “Vices and addiction” took place, where specialists from the Ilfov Centre for Prevention, Evaluation and Anti-Drug Counseling and commissioners from the Ilfov County Police Inspectorate joined Cristina Gheorghe. True professionals and role models, the guests showed the students which substances are considered legal drugs and which are outlawed. Then, based on this information, they discussed the risks and negative effects of using, selling and concealing legally prohibited substances. Another topic addressed by the experts was which actions are considered misdemeanors and which are considered crimes, with the aim of educating young people about how the law views these substances. As a practical part of this course, each student was given the opportunity to wear a pair of glasses specially designed to simulate the vision of a person who has consumed alcohol during the day, alcohol at night and drugs.

Also covered were topics such as smoking addiction, coffee and alcohol consumption, electronic gadget addiction and the impact of these addictions on teenagers’ lives.

The module “Vices and Addiction” is just one of the courses attended by students who chose to attend the Dual CTE Trailers School. By the end of June, young people will also be taking part in other modules, such as ‘Study and Career’, ‘Financial Education for Teenagers’ and ‘Mental Hygiene’.

At CTE Trailers, it is in our power to learn together

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